Guide to Private Sponsorship

Guide to
Private Sponsorship

Writing the application

Writing the Application 1:
Info Gathering

Writing the Application 2:
The Main Docs

Writing the Application 3:
Supporting Docs

Writing the Application 4:
Proof of Funds and Banking

Writing the Application 5:
The Rest of the Docs

Writing the Application 6:
Finishing the Application

Writing the Application 7:
Submitting through the Online Portal

For Sponsors and Helpers

Welcome to Canada:
Top 10 things to do after arriving

Online Tutoring:
The Conversation

Trauma and Healing:
Lessons Learned

For sponsors: How to help
and what you need to know

For refugees: Immigration to Canada

Refugee in need of help?
Here's our process.

How to get privately
sponsored to Canada

The embassy interview:
How to prepare

Timelines after submitting  the application:
What to expect

For newcomers: Life in Canada

Writing a Canadian resume:
Tips and tricks

Making a refugee claim within Canada:
What to expect


How to Fundraise:
A Handy Guide

The Storytelling Approach

Online Fundraisers: