The pieces of the puzzle

A complete application comes in seven PDFs. They are:

Each individual PDF can be no larger than 5 megabytes

Your web tools

There are a bunch of free websites that will do all the work you need when it comes to converting, compressing and merging PDFs. 

The final package - How to name the files

Now you need to recombine the documents in the way that immigration likes. You even have to name the files in them strange and specific ways: "Last Name - First Name – Document type - #." For example: "Wong - John - Proof of Education -1."

Please make sure your documents are labelled properly. For example, if you upload a picture of your child, you should label the file so that it includes the name of that child.

File names can only contain the following characters: "A-Z" "a-z" "0-9" "-" "_" "."

So the result would be as follows:

Sponsor documents

Refugee documents

Remember, no single attachment can be above 5 megs in size

Our guide to using the online portal to submit the application is next.